Creative Future Team invites you to participate in the forum “Tavrida”

Future Team

 Tavrida National Youth Forum, which takes place on 16th July – 31st August, would bring together 3000 young artists and cultural figures from all regions of Russia and foreign countries. That’s the only educational platform with such format created for creative youth.  Starting from 2015, more than 9000 participants and more than 1000 experienced speakers attended the forum.

This summer each “Tavrida”’s shift would be open for Future Team representatives who are dealing with art. The forum would have 6 shifts with different genres.

1st shift

Folk shift «Together»

(from 16th till 22nd July)

Singers, musicians, folk choreographers, craft artists please be welcome to join!

2nd shift

«Street art shift»

(from 24th till 30th July)

We are inviting architects, urbanists, street artists, sculptors, designers (including fashion designers), photoartists.

3rd shift

«Young artists from animation and film industry»

(from 1st till 7th August)

We are welcoming actors, filmmakers, directors, producers, movies and animation screenwriters, cartoonists, animators, clip makers.

4th shift

Young artists of literature and theatrical art «Experimental scene»

(from 9th till 15th August)

We are inviting theatre actors and directors, play writers, writers, poets, critics and bards

5th shift

«Summer, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll»

(from 17th till 23rd August)

Singers and musicians, sound-producers and DJs! You’re invited!

6th shift

«Country art team volunteering in the cultural sphere»

(from 25th till 31st August)

We are inviting “art and culture”volunteers.

Education program of each shift includes educational workshops and engrossing lectures read by widely known experts and professionals. Additionally, the result of participants’ work would be presented in the final project such as a musical, an exhibition, a movie, and others.

How to participate?

The application campaign has already started and is divided in 2 steps:

1 step: Register on AIS “Youth of Russia” ( .Create your profile and confirm your personal data by following a link you would receive via e-mail. Select the option “Tavrida.Participants” and a preferable shift and then fill in the application form.

2 step: Starting from 30th of April you would need to upload your portfolio to the web-site мыставриды.рф and take part in creative contest.

After that, the expert jury will evaluate all the applications received and select the best  ones to participate in the “Tavrida”.

Are you still in doubt whether to participate?  Watch the video and all the doubts would disappear!

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