Future volunteers team: making first steps towards the common goal.

Future Team

In the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation was held a meeting of the working party on the international volunteerism development. The main meeting topic was the concept of cooperation development between CIS member states in support of the youth voluntary movement. We want to note that the program “Volunteers of the World” is the part of heritage of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, held in October 2017 in Sochi (Russia), as well as the program of the international movement “Future team”. The first stage involves the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Alexander Klyagin
Deputy head of the National Training Foundation department
«Our aim is to organize cooperation in the field of volunteering in CIS. We have to get rid of the situational approach, when people organize and hold events, and then just go their own ways separately. We need such a system of cooperation that will make it possible to achieve considerable results»

In the nearest future the document should be approved by all countries interested in cooperation. It contains a plan of actions and projects that the partner countries will develop together.

Artem Metelev
a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and chairman of the Association of Volunteer Centers of Russia
«We are creating a program” Volunteers of the world “, so that those volunteer centers that were the part of the volunteer programs in the festival, could create corporative projects together. Participants know foreign languages, are interested in the youth agenda, they are proactive»


One of the important discussion topics was the mutual integration of the Russian and international volunteer movement. According to the media support coordinator of the Year of Volunteer Anton Pashkov, one of the directions of this work is to attract Russian volunteers to the Future Team project.

Anton Pashkov
the media support coordinator of the Year of Volunteer
«In the Year of the Volunteer in Russia, our aim is to introduce Russia as a country of opportunities for implementing volunteer initiatives and tasks. And here we cannot do without foreign experience and integration of our projects on international platforms</p> »

Just to remind you, in WFYS 2017 there were 5000 volunteers helping, including UN volunteers. They were selected from 35,000 applications received.

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