Immortal regiment: their exploit has been memorialized all over the world

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The march “Bessmertny polk” (Immortal regiment) has already gone beyond Russia and become international. In 2017 people from 60 countries joined the march. This year on 5th May memorable columns walked on the streets of Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Kuwait, Germany and other countries.

For instance, in the United States the marches were held in 20 cities, more than 6000 people participated. Portraits of the heroes were carried by Russians living in the USA as well as by Americans. Besides, Soviet and American veterans joined the demonstration.

“It’s the third time I come for the march and talk only about peace and harmony. I’ve seen a lot, experienced a lot; I don’t know how much time I have left but remember that the most important things are peace and love”, said Bill Monroe, a veteran of the USA.

By the way, on the eve of 9th May the New York State Senate will vote for the recognition of the march “Bessmertny polk” as an official commemorative event dedicated to the Victory Day.

“Bessmertny polk” for the first time walked this year on the streets of Geneva (Switzerland). Over 100 people came to honor the memory of their ancestors.

Moreover, the march will be repeated on 9th May in Switzerland.  It’ll be held on the glory alley at Hörnli Cemetery in Basel.

In Brazil they will organize the march for the second time in São Paulo. “Last year our regiment consisted of 23 people, their stories were posted on the website This year ranks of fellow soldiers have replenished – now it’s about 100 people”, said Konstantin Biryukov, a coordinator of “Bessmertny polk” in São Paulo.

In Russia and post-Soviet states “Bessmertny polk” traditionally will be held on 9th May – Victory Day.

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