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Young Maker Challenge
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Старт31 декабря, Понедельник в 21:00
Финиш23 мая, Четверг в 21:00
МестоМалайзия / Johor Bahru
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YMC is an innovation program to empower the underpreviledged secondary school students in technology. This program has lured active involvement of volunteers among university students where they were actively involved in organizing a series of programs such as bootcamps, mentoring as project advisors and also follow through their juniors innovative project in their assigned secondary school.

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Engineering Skill + Volunteerism = Young Maker Challenge. Never ever underestimate how a group of tech-persons can contribute and empower the underpriviledged group in continuous learning through systematic exposure to open-source software or hardware. Focus on training for communities and the subtainability of your project because ripple effect will amplifier your impact toward the communities .

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