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Журналистика, СМИРазвитие общественных институтов НКО, благотворительность, добровольчество
The #IDoCare Challenge
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Старт30 сентября, Понедельник в 21:00
Финиш30 декабря, Среда в 21:00
МестоРоссия / Москва
International Youth Movement Future Team
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Post the information about your project/action at the Platform, repost it to your Facebook or Instagram account, set an example for your friends to follow, or inspire them to create a project/action on their own. We are thrilled to see more of your IDoCare actions throughout the coming year - and to invite 50 authors of the most active and contributory projects to the IVF 2020!

Секрет успеха

Challenge #IDoCare is an aggregator of volunteer actions and socially important projects aimed at the UN SDGs and implemented around the world. The Challenge seeks to develop the practice of international social projects, promote volunteerism, exchange of experiences and ideas, and strengthen international cooperation.