Future Team launches a flashmob for the International Woman’s Day!

Future Team

On March, 8th the world is celebrating the International Woman’s Day! Future Team wants to highlight that women have equal rights and possibilities. Women can do anything – be strong, smart and beautiful, make career and take care of family, aspire and inspire.
This year we launch an online flashmob “Women can do anything!” point out the important role of women in the modern world and ask you from the bottom of our hearts to support it.
Dear ladies, publish your success stories on Facebook and Instagram, tell us about your biggest achievement and put the hashtags #womenaspire, #womeninspire, #futureteam.
Dear men, don’t stay aside, make a post about a woman – your wife, friend or famous person who is a source of inspiration for you, who changes people’s lives to the better and don’t forget to use the hashtags #womeninspire and #womencandoanything.
Share the idea to your friends and invite them to join. Let’s celebrate all the women in their diversity and make the International Woman’s Day 2019 the symbol of female impact on the world!

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