The international community FUTURE TEAM is a meeting place for active and caring young people from all the corners of the planet, who strive to change the world. It was created on the initiative of participants of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students of different educational and cultural directions, and the idea itself was voiced by one of the participants – Joshua Fraser Dixon from Canada.

The world movement FUTURE TEAM is a platform for discussing important topics, global and local problems, initiating surveys and looking for like-minded people and inspiration.

The FUTURE TEAM platform was created on the basis of the accounts of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students:







The website futureteam.world helps to gather the participants of the movement and give them up-to-date information. Everything on the website is created for active exchange of experience, collection of opinions to create an overall picture of a given issue and communication with friends, colleagues and partners.

In the “Future Team Blog” section each user can tell about his initiative or project progress, share the news or his opinion on various topics.

In the “Events “section you will find the most interesting international and the biggest state events of different countries in any spheres, beginning with youth cooperation and parliamentarism, ending with science and sports.

“Future Team Faces” – it’s all you, members of the community, people who move our planet forward. Get to know each other – because the strength is in unity! The list is ranked according to the principle, where the number of points, and, consequently, the place in the ranking depends on positive or negative feedback to blog posts.

Welcome to the Global Future Team. Future starts here and now. Future is You!