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2018: The Year in Numbers
Future Team
11th ROTAs Annual Youth Conference in Qatar 2019
Mohammed Alnaqeeb
UN Youth Strategy commits support to a new generation of leaders
Dário Camal
Future Team Resolution
Monika Lionaite
Future Team Goes Global – First stop Tunisia
Monika Lionaite
Russia unites: participants of the “BaltArtek” Forum have learnt more about the “Future Team”
Future Team
Life after the festival!
Bakhtiyor Mamadaliyev
Future Team Pakistan met Russian Ambassador in Islamabad
Shamsa Khalil
International Conference “140 Years From Establishing Diplomatic Relations From Russia and Romania: History and Perspectives ” 17 May 2018
Alexandru-vlad Crisan
SPIEF-2018: Future Team suggested alternative ways of globalization
Future Team
We are the future, and the future are the youth
M-saud Tabish
Immortal Regiment: “Future Team” participants carried portraits of their relatives along Moscow streets
Future Team
Immortal regiment: their exploit has been memorialized all over the world
Future Team
Alina and the “terrible dangerous” sanctions
Alina Alekseeva
Alina Alekseeva
World Festival For Youth Is a good Model for Cooperation
Brian Mafuso
Africa the land of natural and human resource
Souhir Boukhris
Religious Violence
Tareq Mahmud
Cultural Diversity at WFYS
TaHir Khattak
SDGs & Bangladesh
Tareq Mahmud
Sustainable Development Goals and the future of community: how was the first day of official program on the #FutureTeam platform
Future Team
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