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Funded Fellowships in Leadership Learning at East-West Center in the US 2019
Mohammed Alnaqeeb
Model United Nation (MUN)
Md Faisal  Ahmed
Future Team members from Suriname stimulate resilient community
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UN SG launches Youth2030 strategy
Future Team
Jeans Francois Nicolas Biboum
Ideals for our Nations
gabriel karsan
Laziness in my life
Alina Alekseeva
Alina Alekseeva
Mandela 100: Legacy of Humanity
gabriel karsan
Gender Equality as a Sustainable Developmental Goal in India
Ankit Malhotra
The biggest event for youth in Egypt DONE!
Omar ElBarbary 
Social networks, thoughts, reasoning, attempt at writing
Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr Sokolov
Aluta Continua for African Youth
Ntsikelelo Kuse
What Is a Non-Profit, and Why Is It Created?
Mohammed Alnaqeeb
About of “IRELI”
gular humbatova
The winners of the Russian “My country – my Russia” Contest were awarded within the framework of the SPIEF-2018
Liudmila Alexandrova