Media expedition in Russia

Future Team

50 young people from 30 countries came to the capital of Russia to meet and discuss their future trip to 11 cities of our country which will host the FIFA World Cup 2018. The Future Team members divided into 5 teams and began exploring 5 unique routs.

The expedition was started by the Head of the Agency for Youth Affairs Alexander Bugayev.

Alexander Bugayev
the Head of the Agency for Youth Affairs
«As the representative of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, I’m glad to greet you in the capital of the hospitable country of Russia – the hero city of Moscow. One of the most wonderful events on the planet will be soon held in our country – the FIFA World Cup. When visiting the cities where the World Cup will be held except for the stadiums and infrastructure I want you to see another real Russia, people that like meeting foreigners from other countries, I want you to feel the unique thing they call the “Russian soul”. I wish you to open your potential, to find like-minded people and friends with whom despite distances you’ll be making this world better»

Besides, the Coordinator of the International sector of the Future Team Aleksey Spivakov gave a greeting speech.

Alexey Spivakov
the Coordinator of the International sector of the Future Team
«We were thinking a lot about how to keep all the contacts and even multiply them. For the government of our country youth politics is one of the priorities so they pay a lot of attention to it. And we had an idea to create an international movement that we called “Future Team”. We want to show that young people of the whole world are united under universal humanistic values such as unification against war, economic growth, education. That’s why right now the movement is developing and at the moment we’re creating international and regional cells»

The movement members will see with their own eyes not only significant cultural and architectural monuments but also the stadiums where games will be held during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Moreover, they will see other infrastructure units of the World Cup.

The goal of the expedition is to popularize the knowledge about different sights, cultural heritage, traditions of Russian peoples in the youth media space. Also the goals are: development of professional and friendly connections between Russian and foreign youth, informing about activities aimed to support youth initiatives and increasing of social activity among young people.

The organizer of the expedition is the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

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