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“Securing Sport” Online Conference
Старт1 декабря, Вторник в 10:00
Финиш4 декабря, Пятница в 15:00
МестоКатар / Doha
International Youth Movement Future Team
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Securing Sport is an international and multisectoral conference, which was conceived to serve as a platform for discussions about the changes, challenges and threats to sport and the opportunities sport can generate in the socio-economic context.

Условия участия

You can apply via the link to become a participant or a panelist.

Дополнительная информация

The 4th day of the event will feature Youth Consultations and will highlight voice of youth (ages 15-29 only) on major topics discussed in previous days in 3 breakout sessions: - Protection of Grassroots Sport as a Community Building Tool during the COVID-19 Pandemic; - Stand Against Racism in Sport: The Importance of Youth Voice; - Breaking Down Barriers – The Fusion of eSports and Traditional Sports.