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International Youth Movement Future Team
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International Youth Movement Future Team
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Angelina Artemuk
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Future Team Opportunities for Partner Organizations

* Receiving evaluation of international projects, consulting & analytics

* Finding new foreign partners for a joint project implementation

* Advancement of most active and promising organization’s members and staff on international platforms

* Mediator service in preparation and conclusion of cooperation agreements

* Promotion of events and achievements at the global level

* Sharing resources & expertise

* Development of international and multicultural cooperation skills of organization’s members and staff

* Effective recruitment of new participants, volunteers & collaborators

* Bringing organization’s activities in the spotlight and increasing its potential social impact

* Information support & presentation opportunities
Об организации:
Future Team is the global youth network, which connects young leaders and professionals from 180 countries. We are proud of our Team, which consists of bright individuals aspiring to provide solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to promote peace, cooperation, mutual respect, and intercultural understanding. We serve as an aggregator of international opportunities, a platform for your multinational activities, projects, ideas to the benefit of goal-oriented people and organizations passionately involved in international youth cooperation around the world. We strive to increase your impact and bring your activities to the global level.
We strive for construction of an authoritative international platform aimed at strengthening the interaction of professional youth from different countries, exchange of ideas, and positive practices in various fields, expanding of the pool of partners abroad, professional and personal growth of our participants.
We claim that there is a gap between available international opportunities and goal-oriented young people for whom these opportunities are actually designed, which is a significant obstacle to youth empowerment. Future Team Online Platform is meant to serve as this kind of link accumulating the international opportunities and its own formats and platforms for youth empowerment. It is an aggregator of international projects, events, volunteering campaigns, and it keeps developing.
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