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Контактное лицо:
Amo-Koree, Nana. Executive director
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Bringing in volunteers periodically to help carry out our programmes
Getting financial support to carry out activities
Getting volunteers fully funded opportunities to workshops, summits and conferences.
Getting cooperations to partner in our activities in Ghana
Об организации:
Nagap Empowerment Foundation (NEF) is a charitable, voluntary, humanitarian, nongovernmental, non-feminism, and nonpartisan organization. Nagap Empowerment Foundation (NEF) aims at empowering deprived and disadvantaged individuals especially women and children who are not in education, training or employment to bring about changes in their lives through a structure intervention, advocacy programme, capacity building and community development. The Nagap Empowerment Foundation (NEF) aims to holistically address issues affecting the livelihood of individuals with much concern on women and children, to advance education, develop skills and capacity of socially or economically disadvantaged individuals who are discriminated, violated and less privileged to identify and help meet their needs to enable them participate fully in society. The founder of Nagap Empowerment Foundation (NEF), based his strong convictions to lift disadvantaged individuals out of vulnerability and exploitation through awareness creation, education, training, research and advocacy. VISION
Our dream is to cause a positive transformation in the economic, emotional, social and educational lives of people especially women and children in Ghana and beyond.
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