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Innovación Vegetal Rural (INVER)
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Innovación Vegetal Rural (INVER)
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Elvis Nataren
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We are interested in the technological exchange that between Russia and El Salvador we can achieve in the field of organic agriculture with the use of mountain microbiology. mutual visits of delegations to both countries to give training and development to projects of production of plants of high quality communities and smart cities.
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INVER is an organization that was born in 2003 to promote a paradigm shift in the models of farming in El Salvador. This organization is specifically to create the new avant-garde farmer, focusing all the training and discipline of unconventional agriculture on children and young people. INVER has exchange programs with several countries in the world to train young people at different times of each year. The training courses are aimed at creating agricultural development methods locally with the recycling of organic materials and combination with the free software and hardware technology applied to agrometeorology
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