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RwandOpp (Rwanda Opportunities)
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RwandOpp (Rwanda Opportunities)
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Emmanuel Nshimiyimana
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Help our online campaigns (either by sharing our campaigns to reach out to many individuals who would be providing support) , Exchange programs, volunteers exchange, reaching out our projects and let the world know what we do and try to achieve.
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RwandOpp (Rwanda Opportunities) is a youth organization based in Rwanda. Our mission is to transform the lives of rural community through youth engagement.

We have two projects now.

Within I4Opportumities (Internet for Opportunities) project, we provide basic computer and digital skills to the youth living in rural community of Rwanda as a way of helping them exploring different opportunities around and being innovators. This is done through different series of workshops conducted by software engineers from RwandOpp team.

Within Career Guidance project, we deliver career guidance sessions in primary schools located in rural area where we donate books to help children broaden their imagination to dream big dreams and achieving them. We are also introducing RwandOpp Youth Libraries in different rural districts of Rwanda to help eradicating illiteracy. So far RwandOpp Youth Library has been introduced in one rural district called "Nyabihu" in Western Province of Rwanda.

For more info, please don't hesitate to visit our website (www.rwandopp.org).
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