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Triangle Educational Foundation
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Triangle Educational Foundation
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Ibukun Olusola
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Help to scale up our system to world class standard and global use
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Triangle Educational Foundation a.k.a Triangle Africa was founded in 2018 in the wake of the impact of unemployability in Africa. The core idea of our work is to primarily assist youth in Africa in identifying suitable career paths and providing them access to relevant developmental skills so as to mitigate unemployability as well as help to inculcate the principles of the Future of Work in young people.

Unemployability has become a major concern, as a larger percentage of graduates from African (secondary and tertiary) schools are not equipped with sufficient skills for available jobs, and this stems down from the outdated curriculum being taught in schools and the appalling state of Education in African countries.

Our solution is providing youths in African communities an Artificial Intelligence predictive system built to help to make career, business or study path decisions seamless, based on proficiency, educational background, skills, market demand et.c, of the user.

This system is helping to reduce the amount of time needed to make a success-determining decision, as well as providing educational resources to bridge the skills gap.
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