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Chad innovation non profit organization
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Chad innovation non profit organization
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Hamid Khayar
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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Chad Innovation represents a community of young volunteers, Chadians and foreigners (refugees etc.), entrepreneurs, executives and students whose aims is to raise awareness, mobilize, hire and equip young people to learn and explore careers in entrepreneurship. To strengthen the economic empowerment of young people through social entrepreneurship, innovation and business leadership, with the aim of developing an innovative, inclusive, resilient and wealth-creating community.
Об организации:
We opened the doors of a startup incubator. A co-working space where many young people meet every day, to exchange, enrich themselves, become emancipated and strengthen their employability. This place allows these young people to come and enrich themselves and work for self-employment. Chad Innovation Hub is the youth center dedicated to the promotion of young talents in training, entrepreneurship and culture.

Chad Innovation offers refugees living in Chad support to create and develop their startups. The objective of this action is to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of young refugees and thus allow young refugees to be able to integrate economically in order to live with dignity by contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

Within the Chad innovation association, we also believe that education is essential to sustainable development. Our objective is to carry out actions having an impact. In parallel, we are carrying out actions on our scale to provide the best support.

Our scholarship center: with private donors, partnerships of private institutes on the spot, we give the opportunity to motivated young people to continue their studies. Then, we follow up on our young scholars throughout the year.We organise occasional activities with local orphanages. One of our fellows comes from one of his orphanages.

We aim to make our collaborative workspace coupled with the Taim restaurant a cultural factory.
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