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Más Jandi-comunidad de salud
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Más Jandi-comunidad de salud
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Comunidad Jandi
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Exchange information, Exchange new ideas
Об организации:
+ Jandi: our name comes from the Otomi word "jandi" which means "to take care", and the sign of "+" is because we seek to join forces in favor of well-being.
We are a health community with two main goals: to be a team of health professionals who work together, and to get people to take actions to preserve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
We consider the self-caregiver a specialist in his own life and a member of our community.

Values ​​+ Jandi:
* Internal work: the well-being of the community is number one priority.
* External work: we are eager to get involved with other projects that share our vision.
* Ethics: everything is done with respect, dignity and honesty, no matter who or who is watching.
* Personalized care: each organism is unique, so its needs and tools must be addressed as a new challenge.
* Professionalism: science based on evidence, but certified alternative treatments can be used if the person wishes.

Caregiver Values ​​:
* Humility: everyone has knowledge, everyone has ignorance, we are all caretakers.
* Empathy: We know that the self-caregiver perspective is essential.
* Passion: our work is our pleasure.
* Joy: being in, is being a child again.

* Caregivers sessions: weekly meetings of professionals tu share knowledge and experiences. Open to health professionals and any other professional interested in sharing with us.
* Cinema Debate: we screen films that adress various health issues to discuss them with our audience.
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