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Genetics and Bioinformatics Association
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Genetics and Bioinformatics Association
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GBA Team
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carrying out a joint project, exchange programs, information support, events, online courses, scholarships & employment opportonties.
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We aim to spread awareness about biotechnology, which includes many disciplines.
Our programs focus on science students, graduates, lovers, and so on, they can take as many as they want of our free/paid courses, workshops, lectures, camps, etc. to prepare them for the labor market.
GBA has many teams, one of them is the scientific team, their job is to keep it easy for our members to read translated articles and any needed information.
GBA is an accredited association from the ministry of health and the ministry of youth in Jordan, so we are using this to benefit our members, whenever they have a new project, research, etc, their ideas will not be dismissed anymore, we are trying to give support in every way possible to make it happen, to develop our youth and to invest in their innovational ideas.
Our members have access to any international/national conference/forum for free or partially funded.
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