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ومن أحياها
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ومن أحياها
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ahmad aligab
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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Future projects:
-Online lectures
-Collaborate with other medical organizations to publish the medical awareness
-Fight all the inaccurate medical rumors
-Provide information in more than one language
Note: The website is in need for technical support. Volunteers are welcome and appreciated!
Об организации:
We’re a team of students of different medical majors, we don’t belong to any financial organization we’ve created a medical website that supports Arabic language entirely, and we’re looking forward to improving the website to support more than language such as English and Russian.
Our team aims to publish medical consciousness and fight all the inaccurate and wrong medical information, and to help all the students of medical majors in writing essays, increase and improve their skills in providing information for people, and we’ve created many sections in the website such as mother and baby’s health, and more. In addition, we’ve created a section to help medical students who want to specialize and complete their post graduate studies by providing information about the major in many countries around the world.
For the record the founder of the website lives in Russia and speaks the Russian language.
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