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Youths Inspiration
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Youths Inspiration
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Контактное лицо:
Clement Ngosong
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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information support, carrying out joint programs or events, helping each other expand their audience base.
Об организации:
With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring and empowering young people, Youths Inspiration is an initiative run by Clement Ngosong which is known for making a memorable impact. Its unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes it perfect for every youth out there. By providing with life hack tips, questions and knowledge, Youth Inspiration has helped countless people unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. We organize workshops and conferences with the most esteemed young speakers from across Cameroon to inspire young people in making a difference.

Website: www.youthsinspiration.org
Facebook: www.fb.com/youthsinspi
Instagram: @youths.inspiration
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