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Afghan Muslim Youth Society
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Afghan Muslim Youth Society
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Abdulahad daudzai
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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We are with Russia and we have good communication and we have the work we started to be our people, how good, with the great collective of the countries that have become a part of the Russian initiative of their ideas
We wish to acquire your knowledge and skills in different fields: education, technology, economy in order to raise our community ...
We want to participate in your activities to gain experience.
Об организации:
Afghan Youth Society or NAJM in Dari is a registered not-for-profit youth organization that aims at empowering youth and improving their abilities through teachings of Islam in order to enable them to contribute to development and positive social change. NAJM was established in March 2012. Since its establishment NAJM has organized number of major educational programs and competitions. We have organized dozens of events for youth in Afghanistan’s various provinces including conferences on youth issues, campaigns on national issues and peaceful demonstrations in interest of the nation. It’s also active in providing assistance through its volunteers to people affected by natural disasters. Its main office is located in Kabul and has representatives and members in more than 30 provinces of the country.
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