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soran assosiation care for the handicaped
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soran assosiation care for the handicaped
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dilan wali
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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it not belongs to government or company it belongs to normal people,it does not have any source of economy from the government this point make it different from others, and people support it from the world like Korean organization and English organization, it about many years serve people who needs help and handicapped, kids who have illness in mental, autism, refugees ... etc. well i will try and hope to your program be a path to us tp show others we are sacrifice to make the organization going well, and i want to tell young people to try for getting better world, dont give up we have ability dont say we are young and we can not do anything no we have ability and energy to showing problems and showing better invention, i want to encourage youth people to work hard for your country do your best the world waiting us for giving energy peace and smartness, i am waiting to your amazing program to answer me hope to allowed me tp share my speech and my knowledge with you .
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My dad was one of the person who helped for establishing this organization so it's about several years my dads friend who established it he passed away unfortunately, so we all try to not let the organization down my purpose is to tell the world we haven’t settled down we have patent in Kurdistan(Iraq) they need salary need support, care. organisations in the whole world they hepled it before but now it is not like before and all knows kurdistan (iraq) now have a bad ecconomy people mostly need this kinds of organisations. through oyur program we have ability to show more if it tho the world.
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