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Assane Fall
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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concerning the type of collaboration, it would be preferable to have partners with whom we will be able to work in the field of agribusiness by helping young people to be able to invest in it and to fight against illegal immigration which continues to cause enormous damage to the Senegalese population. We also hope to work in the field of sensitization of the populations concerning civil status in particular on the declaration of children from birth and especially to fight against the scourge of stateless persons.
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The GIE TERRE PROMISE which is active in agriculture, market gardening and agribusiness, plant production and sale, fruit and vegetable processing.

Thereby, we were able to work with an NGO by the name of Makesense Colab in a project called Ewagne at the level of Casamance for the fight against Soil Resilience which was a success given its importance in the sub-region.

As I am always active in the social aspect with the young people of our locality here in the Dakar suburbs, in particular by organizing a small awareness campaign on civil status with undeclared children and also on citizen policy by campaigning for blood donation, child circumcision etc ... reason why I always felt like a "Volunteer" in my skin which I never had the opportunity to exercise with structures like you.
This is why I am very interested in your activities in order to be able to collaborate with you and participate in achieving our objectives.
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