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Non-Profit Organisation "Bridge to Circular Economy Trust"
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Non-Profit Organisation "Bridge to Circular Economy Trust"
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Prasad Sneha Bhopale
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Our Foundation is keen on collaborating with international partners aligned with similar goals as of our with volunteer exchange programs, Exchange of ideas and expertise, Execution of projects, Joint ventures, guided projects for overall development, etc.
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The Foundation was incorporated in 2001 with the aims of redefining the concepts of education, environmental care and entrepreneurship. As of today we are strong team of 500+ volunteers across 10+ cities in India. We believe in strategic changes rather than short term gains and hence most of our Projects are focussed on bringing in grass root level mental shifts. Elaborating on the same for example, while tree plantation drives we focuss on making the tree plantation a yearly festival making it simple, sober, less cumbersome and attractive. Like last year we asked the city residents of Kolhapur to throw away seeds while they are commuting just before the advent of monsoon. This process was easy and more effective. So people beleiving in long term strategic gains are invited to join us.
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