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KENFACK Dirane Merlin
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KENFACK Dirane Merlin
Дата рождения
11 декабря 1989
Город проживания

Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement

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The Future Leaders Mouvement is a mouvement that train young leaders in democracy, leadership, governance, education for all ,human rigths, sustainable development.As my quality of Teacher and educator, i have 4 years experience teaching History, geography and citizenship in my City, Dschang in the west Region of Cameroon.I have started it in February 2016.In 4 years i have trained more than 500 young leaders.The impact of our actions is great.In 2018, many youth has taken part to the presidential election and also many youth are engaged in climate change, planting threes in my city, promote and practice sustainable agriculture.We currently organise also conferences to sensitive youth.The objective is to prepare leaders to take part in political decisions, to participate to the political life in their country and we know that education is the key.
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