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Nurul Hasnat Ove
Написать участнику
Nurul Hasnat Ove
Дата рождения
20 октября 1996
Город проживания

World Merit

Языки, которыми
я владею
Английский, Бенгальский, Хинди, Урду
Языки, которые
я хотел бы изучать
Французский, Немецкий, Китайский, Русский, Арабский литературный, Испанский
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
Дополнительная информация
Сферы деятельности и интересов
Развитие общественных институтов НКО, благотворительность, добровольчество; Равноправие, социальные вопросы
О себе
Nurul Hasnat Ove is a social entrepreneur and community Leader from Bangladesh. He is founder President of World Merit Bangladesh which is working with the United Nations to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. By providing training on Leadership and knowledge on SDGs World Merit Bangladesh has a network of more than 100000 around the world and has an extensive network all around members in Bangladesh. Ove is also the Global Schools Ambassador at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth at Global School Program where he has been working with other 60 from 38 Countries. Today, more than half of the world’s population is under 30 years of age, making millennial the biggest generation of young people the world has ever seen. Being the best educated generation that has ever existed, millennia’s have the potential to change the course of history and lead the planet on a path to greater prosperity, peace and ultimately, sustainable development. To ensure a successfully implement the Sustainable Development Goals, young people’s imagination, creativity and idealism must be cultivated and used as a means to achieve this dream. However, to harness the power of youth, firstly there is an urgent need to educate them about the importance of the SDGs and secondly to provide them with opportunities to implement these goals through local action.
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