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Robin Kumar
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Robin Kumar
Дата рождения
20 апреля 1989
Город проживания


Языки, которыми
я владею
Английский, Хинди, Панджаби
Языки, которые
я хотел бы изучать
Русский, Французский, Немецкий
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
Дополнительная информация
Сферы деятельности и интересов
IT, современные технологии, изобретения и открытия; Развитие общественных институтов НКО, благотворительность, добровольчество
О себе
District Kangra falls in Earthquake prone Zone IV where an earthquake in 1905 created havoc in the District and earthquakes of various intensities are still being recorded at intervals. I Robin Kumar have been voluntarily working with the District Disaster Management Authority, District Kangra for the last five years. During the period I have planned and arranged various education/ training programs for different strata of the society, government departments and various NGO’s in capacity building of the District. I have myself undergone training for first aid, basic search and rescue and have given sessions to different batches of volunteers. A new regular education/ training program of 3 days for each batch of 35 youth volunteers regarding disaster preparedness (mitigation and reduction) has been planned and is being executed by me in the district with the help of administration. The continuous training program will carry on for the next 2 years in which a total of 11000 youth volunteers will be trained, who would render their services to the society and district administration during disaster related situations. To promote earthquake resistant constructions in the district.
I planned a training program for the masons for earthquake resistant construction and a total of 3740 masons were trained throughout the district.
I have organized Health checkup of physically handicap / disabled person of District Kangra and provide them medicines and basic aid for their living in coll
Мотивация к участию во Future Team
Обмен опытом, лучшими практиками, презентация своих идей/проектов на международном уровне, Поиск партнеров для реализации международных проектов, Возможность личностного и профессионального роста
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