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Alikhan, Jomaa Mahmood Alikhan
Написать участнику
Alikhan, Jomaa Mahmood Alikhan
Дата рождения
5 сентября 1992
Город проживания

Akkad organization for culture exchange between Iraq and Russia

Языки, которыми
я владею
Английский, Арабский, Курдский, Турецкий
Языки, которые
я хотел бы изучать
Русский, Датский
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
Дополнительная информация
Сферы деятельности и интересов
Журналистика, СМИ; Экономика и предпринимательство
О себе
Jomaa is a youngest guy in a big family of 14 members living in Dahuk/Iraq. he has studied computer engineering at university of Kurdistan Hewler (https://www.ukh.edu.krd/). Jomaa also studied Social media at Verginia commonwealth university-USA. He has 3 years experience in business consultancy and a member of BEAT project (https://beat-kri.org/); the first project of its type in the region. Jomaa also has one and half year experience in media as a documentary presenter (https://www.facebook.com/dengtheseries/). Jomaa is an active guy who was a member of student union at his university and a member in a number of organizations and civic engagements and has participated in many local and international events and leadership programs including IYLEP 2016 and WFYS 2017. He is been called the pessimistic guy by friends and family because he always wants to get more and know more. The funny thing about him is his name means friday :D.
Мотивация к участию во Future Team
Exchange of ideas and best practices. The presentation my ideas / projects at the international level, Возможность личностного и профессионального роста, Поиск новых идей и мотивации для реализации собственных/совместных проектов
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