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Asma Karameh
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Asma Karameh
Дата рождения
15 июня 1998
Город проживания

Genetics and Bioinformatics Association

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Русский, Немецкий, Французский
Цели устойчивого развития ООН
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О себе
I'm a medical student who is passionate about all kinds of social engagement , educational and environmental literacy ,as well as equal and accessible health services . Currently I'm working with World Literacy foundation on helping a foundation in Colombia to include more kids in their educational projects . I also enjoy self-cleaning and expanding my knowledge on other domains like climate change, cultural competency and the modern history and diplomacy . I want to join Future team to gain more experience in social work and entrepreneurship, to expand my networking with like-minded youth from all over the world , and to get the motivation to work in higher levels . I have another interest in applied medical research ,as I'm on my first steps to conduct clinical researches in my university. My hobbies include outdoor activities like swimming, hiking ,street walking as well as enrolling in online courses regularly . I want to grow better and become a smart , well educated and knowledgeable person who contributes to protecting the world and leave it sustainable for the upcoming generations.
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